Privacy Policy

Neko Publishing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “our company”) owns and uses personal information of users of the VOS website (hereinafter referred to as “users”). We believe that protection of personal information is a company’s social obligation, and we will strive to protect personal information as much as possible by establishing the personal information protection policy (hereinafter referred to as “this policy”) as follows.

1. Personal information, personal information database, personal data, personal data retained

(1) ”Personal information” is information about surviving users collected through the VOS website, and identifies a specific user by name, date of birth and other descriptions included in the information What can be done (including those that can easily be compared with other information, thereby identifying a specific user).

(2)”Personal information database, etc.” is a collection of information including the personal information set forth in the preceding paragraph and is the following.

  • Systematically structured so that specific personal information can be retrieved using electronic computer
  • It is a collection of information organized systematically so that specific personal information can be searched easily by arranging personal information in accordance with certain rules besides what is listed in a. Table of Contents, index, etc. Having something to facilitate searching

(3) “Personal data” means personal information constituting the personal information database etc in the preceding paragraph.

(4)”Personal data held” means personal data with the authority to allow disclosure, correction, addition or deletion, suspension or elimination of use, suspension of provision to third parties by the Company. However, excluding the following items.

  • Things that could harm life, body or property of the user himself / herself or a third party by clarifying the existence / non-existence of the personal data
  • Those that are likely to promote or induce illegal or improper conduct by clarifying the existence / non-existence of the personal data
  • As a result of the existence / non-existence of the relevant personal data, the possibility of harm to the safety of the country, the possibility of damaging the relationship of trust with other countries or international organizations, or the disadvantage in negotiations with other countries or international organizations Something
  • Those that may hinder the prevention of crime, suppression of crime, investigation and other public safety and order by clarifying the existence / non-existence of relevant personal data
  • What will be deleted within 6 months

2. About collecting and using personal information

When the user uses the website of VOS, we mainly collect and use the user’s personal information as follows. In principle, we will not use the user’s personal information except for the following purposes. When using it for purposes other than the following purposes, it shall be used with prior consent of the user.

(1)Collection and Contents of Personal Information
  • We received the notification from the user by our company plan etc, and collect the name (including phonetic), address, telephone number (including mobile phone · FAX), e-mail address, mobile e-mail address, date of birth, Gender etc.
  • The name, contact information, inquiries or complaint contents of the user collected by us regarding the inquiries, complaints, etc. of our company and our site when the user uses the website of VOS
  • Information or opinions written by users on bulletin boards through BBS and blogs
(2)Purpose of using personal information
  • Promotion of VOS website
  • When sending a direct mail or sending an e-mail for promotion of services or products of our company or our business partners
  • Our company contacts users as needed
  • When statistics are carried out to improve the convenience of VOS website and Hobidus shopping mall and to review service contents (However, we do not do it in the form of individual identification.)
  • When deleting the information and opinions written on the bulletin board

3. About managing personal information

In order to prevent leakage, loss, destruction, tampering and unauthorized access from the outside, we take necessary measures in accordance with the laws and regulations and guidelines of the competent authorities, and manage personal information appropriately.

4. About providing personal information to third parties

We will not distribute personal data to users (except for cases where it is permitted to provide to third parties pursuant to Article 23 of the Personal Information Protection Act, We do not offer to third parties without obtaining consent of.

5. About disclosure / correction / suspension of use of personal information

  • (1) The user can request notification, disclosure, correction, suspension of use, etc. of purpose of use for the personal data possessed by the user.
  • (2) If the above request is received from the user, we will promptly respond after confirming that you are the person who is the user.

6. Adherence to laws and regulations / Ongoing review

We will comply with Japanese laws and regulations and guidelines related to the protection of personal information, review the content of this policy, and make efforts to continuously improve it.

7. Contact point

We will accept inquiries from customers regarding customers’ personal information, opinions, consultations, complaints etc. below.